Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Valley of the Bison by John Hulsey

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Another sublime moment in Yellowstone. With
some artistic license, this view became a great
subject for this little study. All of the images
posted to date have been small studies for
larger works. As I slowly enlarge them
into incrementally bigger paintings, I am
able to solve pictorial problems and change
the composition around to suit me, play with
colors and so forth. I may decide not to take
the image to the largest size - it may prove not
to be strong enough. Or it might not gain anything
by just being bigger. Usually, my final size works
out to be 30"x 40", or 40"x 50" for a watercolor
or an oil, but some images have benefitted by
being executed life-size, which can be 8 ft.
in width or more. It all depends on my energy
and enthusiasm for the subject.

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