Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Sudden Shower by John Hulsey

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I love the afternoon showers in the Rockies.
For a few minutes the entire landscape changes
clothes and we are presented with an opp-
ortunity to paint an entirely new picture from
the same spot. Capturing that soft sheen of
water gently washing down in the distance has
taken me many false starts and bad finishes
to figure out. This one has it just right -
rich colors, moisture-laden atmosphere, but
sunny behind and cheery. I wish all rainy days
were like this one. Of course, it helps if one is
warm and dry, as we were, in our VW
Westphalia "rolling studio". We have finally
run the wheels off that vehicle crossing the
country on painting trips over the years. Sad
to retire it, but one must move on eventually.
I am afraid that the new ones don't really measure
to the equipment and thoughtful details of our old '86.

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