Monday, October 09, 2006

Fall in the Meadow


These bright fall days go by so quickly. There
have been years when I've missed my opp -
ortunity to paint special places in the perfect
moment by just a day or two, and resolved
to come back next year and capture it. This
is one of those spots on my property where
I pass by frequently and do set aside the time
to paint it now and then, but haven't been able
to capture this moment until now. I try to
maintain my land as a habitat and forest
preserve while carefully shaping and
grooming parts of it for the purpose of painting
it. Over the years, I've developed this meadow
as a deer park and arboretum, and this mas-
sive oak is but one of the inspiring specimens
to be enjoyed there.

1 comment:

Michael Naples said...

This is a great landscape. The lighting is perfect.