Monday, October 30, 2006

Along the River II

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This is a scene that only occurs at one moment
during the year when the sun is in the right
place, is low enough to send the long tree-
shadows behind me across the field, and the
crops have taken on their fall colors. Today
I cannot go back and paint the same moment -
too much has already changed. I love the
challenge of this painting - putting complement-
ary colors side-by-side on a wet sheet of paper.
This technique is so dangerous, yet so full of
potential that it is worth the risk of ruining
the painting just to get the colors to work
together. In any other medium this is an easy
task, with lots of room for corrections if you
go wrong. But in watercolor, we only get one
shot at it, for a few seconds everything is
possible, and then stop, that's it. This is
what I love about working in watercolor-
the risk is great, but the rewards are greater.
It can be an unforgiving medium, but I believe
that it also has the potential to be the most
expressive of skill and feeling of all the
materials available to us.


Shant said...

I Love this painting, the colors the composition, just everything wonderful job!

Nina Kuriloff said...

There's a wonderful sense of depth in this painting!