Tuesday, October 31, 2006



I'm always searching around on back country
roads for interesting views, and then re-
turning when I think that the light should be
great to paint. The light doesn't always
cooperate, making for a lot of return trips.
This day, however, just developed perfectly
as I came upon this location for the first time, so
I took full advantage of the opportunity, and
was able to get a satisfying result from my
efforts. It helps a lot to keep one's painting
gear in the car at the ready - we never
know when we'll chance upon some spectacular
moment, even in our own neighborhood. It
can be difficult to keep an alert attitude and
a keen eye for compositions and special light
each and every day, especially in very
familiar surroundings, but some of my
best work has come out of those situations
less than a mile from my studio door. After all
his travels to paint, Monet finally decided that
he would make his home his subject, and thereby
he was able to take his painting to a whole new
and deeper level. By exercising creativity in his
landscape design, he was also able to dive down
deeper into his creative core and discover what
moved his soul to paint. That he was also able to
synthesize that experience into a new way of
seeing and painting the world remains today
a benchmark for creative achievement, and
continues to inspire me to continue to develop
my vision.

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