Sunday, October 01, 2006

Sunflowers I

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Ted Grinter's sunflowers are back in bloom
again! What a wonderful visual treat it is to
walk across the highway from my studio and
paint in these fields. The early morning light
is stunning - as is the evening. 7:30p.m., is
usually sublime, but only for a couple of weeks,
and then the flowers begin to decline as the
fall sunshine starts the drying process so
necessary to turn them into a crop of high-
quality seed heads. Ted's fields are mag-
nificent - as good as any in southern
France, where they are celebrated as a
tourist attraction as well as a crop. Why
fly overseas when they grow perfectly
here in Kansas? Now, if we just had big fields
lavender in August, one could almost be
in Provence without all that airport nonsense.

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